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   Caregiving and Housing Solutions 

    for the Elderly, Ability Challenged 

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    Life Journey Partners of America, Inc. is a grassroots movement committed to solutions for the millions of Americans who require care to remain safely in their homes and live their best lives, but have gaps in care, and to support those who care for them. We support family caregivers and those hired to care for our most vulnerable so that they can remain healthy and happy in their work and lives.

    Our organization is forming relationships with other volunteer organizations, hospice services and home care companies to refer when needed to fill care gaps. We do not want to reinvent the wheel, but will refer to companies to provide services best suited to an individual's needs.

    We plan to share our experience and expertise with your organization so that your community can be better equipped to help each other and develop a sustainable program that will be available for individuals in the future if needed.






    This is how we help:

    1. Develop a volunteer pool/registry (like a Co-op) within communities as a sustainable solution for the growing Caregiver Crisis, and facilitate relationships between caregiver and individuals or families requiring care. 

    2. Work with communities to identify current gaps and fill with volunteers in the community or use LJPA's referral network .

    3. Encourage longterm Caregiving relationships, which are independent of Life Journey Partners of America, Inc. An individual or family may decide to hire the volunteer at some point, and this is encouraged if it provides greater continuity and longevity.

    4. Help individuals raise funds to cover caregiving expenses if needed to live in the best and safest place and provide family respite as needed. Our organization will accept donations to cover expenses in a sustainable manner.

    5. Lastly, form a House Share Platform to safely match housemates to address home insecurity, loneliness and need for support. 



Want to Help or Need Help

We offer Care Consultations to Determine Services Needed for Individuals to Remain Living in their Homes if Preferred: Volunteer Services or House Share. 

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